Amazon Grace: Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big

Amazon Grace: Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big
Published by:
January 10th 2006 by Palgrave MacMillan
Number of pages:
256 pages

Amazon Grace is a follow-up to Daly's Quintessence, a groundbreaking manifesta that highlighted women as the saviours of the planet and provided us with essential strategies needed to combat patriarchal forces. In Amazon Grace, Daly weaves quantum theory with radical feminism and challenges women to see themselves as Life-Savers and Life-Enhancers during the current Global Ecological Collapse. Discussing nanotechnology, the eugenics movement, and the strength of Wild Women on Earth, Daly offers her fans yet another fascinating, unique, quixotic, and confrontational view of the world in which we live.

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