A.W.O.L. (Acting Without Love) Christians

A.W.O.L. (Acting Without Love) Christians
Published by:
February 28th 2011 by Publish America
Number of pages:
114 pages

This book was a goodreads first read win. I was so impressed with the title. I think however, the kind of Christian who would pick it up, probably wouldn't be the kind of Christian who actually needed to hear the message. It's difficult to write a review when it's a matter of faith, to separate what I believe from the author's opinion.

There is no plot, so it's difficult to summarize. The title says it all. There are Christians who don't treat each other with love and become judgmental of others.

What I liked: I liked that most of what the author wrote was well supported by quotes from the Bible. For most Christians, that is THE authority. But I also liked some of his other quotes. He used as sources some well-known Christian writers/teachers. Among them C.S. Lewis, Max Lucado, James Strong and Kenneth Copeland. When I picked up the book I was very impressed with the first few pages of foreward and introduction because the author wrote of his personal experiences and it made me want to continue reading. I liked very much when he used personal examples, such as ways of "loving" his students. That section would be a good thing for all Christian teachers to read.

I liked some of the reminders of how things were worded in the King James version because as a Christian I have not used the original King James version in years. Especially helpful to me was the reminder that in that version, what is now interpreted as "love" was called "charity". I also loved the author's definition of mercy ...

undeserved forgiveness. What I didn't like: When the author switched back to more formal tone it felt more like a "sermon" or the college professor giving a lecture. I also thought that it was like "preaching to the choir". Some of the things that he explains I think most Christians would already be familar with ... such as the commandment to love one another and forgive your enemy. Although I appreciated the above mentioned references, I don't think that Charles Colson, although a good Christian man, is an expert on equal ground as the above named teachers. I also did not like sections where he got into politics. Although I personally see abortion as murder, there are many Christians who do not. Telling them it is, is not going to make them believe that life begins not at birth, but at conception. Again this may be because of our differences in faith. The author obviously is very conservative and this reader tends to be more liberal. However, what I found as the weakest aspect is something that I think could be remedied with a good professional editor. For example the author uses wikipedia as a source. Anyone at the high school level now is being taught to never use wikipedia as a source, that it is unreliable. I think a professional editor could make the suggestions that might help this to flow more smoothly and avoid some of the repetition and grammatical errors. I am not sure if this was intended to be an ARC type of book, which the author was planning to continue to edit or not. I did notice that the publisher stated that they had not done any editing, so maybe this was supposed to be a before editing book.

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