Briar Rose (Everland Ever After, #6)

Briar Rose (Everland Ever After, #6)
Published by:
October 5th 2016
Number of pages:
130 pages

Lucky for this sleeping beauty, her hero has the recipe for True Love! Briar Rose Jorgenson has always been much more comfortable with her best friend’s family than her own.

Her mother and grandmother pull her in opposite directions, demanding her attention to “proper” pursuits… when all she wants to do is bake.

Well, that and spend time with Everland’s newest resident, scrumptious Gordon MacKinnon. Now that Gordon has made a home for himself in the quaint western town of Everland, he’s working hard at fulfilling his dream of owning a restaurant. Plagued by memories of a childhood of crime on the streets of Edinburgh and a decade of servitude, Gordon’s determined to create something special for his neighbors in Everland. And he knows just the woman he wants to share in his dream: Briar, the sweet temptress who puts the icing on his cake. But when Briar’s family starts making decisions about her future, Gordon’s dash of despair turns into a heaping spoonful of desperation. It will take an unlikely—almost fairy tale!—solution to make sure that these two have a chance at their succulent Happily Ever After. The Everland series has a Heat Level of 1/5 (suitable for all audiences) #HistoryWithHeart ************************************************ The Brides of Everland, Ever After Step into Everland, Wyoming, where the people on the street are more than what they appear, and there's just a hint of magic in the air. From evil villains to mysterious godmothers, handsome cowboys to hidden princesses... welcome to Everland, Ever After. Little Red (Rojita + Hank) Ella (Ella + Ian) Beauty (Arabella + Vincenzo) The Stepmother (Meri + Jack) Rapunzelle (Zelle + Dmitri) Briar Rose (Briar + Gordon) Rose Red, a Christmas Tale (Rose + Bear)

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