Contes de Charles Perrault

Contes de Charles Perrault
Published by:
2006 by CHENE (first published 1697)

With her wryly subversive and exuberant take on Perrault's classic fairy tales, Angela Carter conjures up a world of resourceful women, black-hearted villains, desperate predicaments, wily stratagems and fantastical transformations. Here nothing is as it seems - in Cinderella charm and a powerful patron prove more useful than beauty; in 'Bluebeard' a brazen wife outwits her murderous husband; in 'Little Red Riding Hood' smooth pelts hide the most dangerous wolves of all; and in 'Sleeping Beauty' we learn that long engagements aren't always the best. By turns playful, frank, cruel and unnerving, these stories bristle with worldly common sense, earthy humour and gothic imagination.

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