Holding On (Hooking Up, #2)

Holding On (Hooking Up, #2)
Published by:
August 14th 2013
Number of pages:
232 pages

The long-awaited sequel to Hooking Up! At long last, she has it all... Caitlin has learned a lot about life and love over the past year. She's learned to stand on her own feet and she has finally accepted the love of handsome police officer Ryan Ashford. Now Catie has a loving husband, an adorable stepson and her two best friends. Life seems to good to be true. When Catie's birth mother moves to town, Catie is forced once more to confront her past. Will Maria earn a place in Catie's life, or is she appearing now to throw a wrench in Catie's happiness? Holding On is a poignant portrayal of the true meaning of family, and how far a woman will go to find acceptance and love. Catie might be done hooking up, but will she be able to hold on to what she has? Laugh, cry, learn and love with Catie and Ryan in this stunning follow-up to Hooking Up, the wildly popular novel by Jessica L. Degarmo.

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