Insanity Never Sleeps II (the Resurrection)

Insanity Never Sleeps II (the Resurrection)
Published by:
March 1st 2014 by Anthony Hulse/Lulu (first published January 12th 2012)
Number of pages:
383 pages

Three years after the supposed death of prolific serial killer Billy Woods, a spate of identical murders occur in Cleveland. A couple, after island hopping in Greece, claim they saw Billy on Anafi. Is there a copycat killer or could Billy possibly be still alive? Ruth Vickers, now a uniformed police officer after her demotion, becomes involved once more with tracking down the monster. She is unaware that due to her unnatural fixation with Woods, she is slowly losing her mind. A terrifying sequel, even more frightening than the original.

A fast moving psychological thriller that will mesmerise you! Not for the squeamish!

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