Night on the Invisible Sun

Night on the Invisible Sun
Published by:
November 20th 2010 by Aqueous Books
Number of pages:
158 pages

As soon as he hatches from the cocoon, Moth is a creature confronted with uncomfortable and pertinent questions about life and how to live it. Night on the Invisible Sun follows four people, each representing an aspect of life, who stand as guideposts for better or worse to Moth in his search for meaning. A wise old man provides directives for the suffering and misery the creature will encounter during his journey; a bitter man and a love-torn woman carry resentments beyond the scope of the old man's teachings... Moth must decide for himself how to handle the difficulties he encounters, even as he attempts to develop a mythos that both acknowledges the meaning that can be gleaned from misery and suffering, yet provides optimism for his journey. The further Moth distances himself from the old man, the more he comes to see that his only option may be to face the results of flying too deep and too far into existential desolation. Night on the Invisible Sun is a harrowing, existential allegory the tale of a creature who is a stand-in for anyone who has experienced suffering and attempted to come out of it on the other side.

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