Tempting Bethany (The Kincaids, #2)

Tempting Bethany (The Kincaids, #2)
Published by:
March 26th 2018
Number of pages:
229 pages

Miss Bethany Galloway has had enough of the perilous and savage beauty of the West, and she is determined to travel to Boston, leaving the regret and pains of the past behind. Except, to her distress, Joshua Kincaid has other ideas, namely courting and then marrying her. Although she is passionately drawn to Joshua’s dangerous charm, he represents everything Beth is running from—lawlessness. She struggles to escape the desires awakened by his touch. However, his kisses and gentle seduction ignites within her an irresistible, aching need to stay with him, despite wanting to flee from the dangerous men hunting her.

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