The House in Morocco

The House in Morocco
Published by:
March 1st 2003 by Toby Press
Number of pages:
273 pages

In an old stone house on the est coast of Morocco, Sarah Henderson, an American journalist, is welcomed by its inhabitants: Nick, the aristocratic English owner, yann the French sailor, Aisha, the mother of Yann's child, and Aziz, with whom she falls passionately in love. The mysterious "man who feeds seagulls" crosses Sarah's path, obliging her to reconsider her own actions and those of her mother, who came to this town in 1936 and was sent home in disgrace. Memory, desire, the conflicting assumptions of different cultures; the meanings we ascribe to events; love and its many faces: these are some of the themes of the novel and the realities Sarah has to understand before the keys are taken back from her, the locks changed, and the house made inaccessible once again.

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