The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall

The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall
Published by:
December 15th 2013 by Character Publishing (first published October 1st 2013)
Number of pages:
32 pages

How many times do you try before you give up? This is the question that little Plink considers after failing to fall repeatedly. This story helps 3 to 8 year old children understand that learning to do things is not always easy and sometimes it takes the support and love of others to succeed. The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall is a story for young readers based on the idea that changing your thought patterns can change the outcome of events in your life. The main character, Plink, is unable to fall from her cloud until she changes the way she thinks about falling and starts to believe in her abilities. The book is peppered with fun facts about the water cycle, cloud formation, and the science of rainbows (among other facts), offering an age-appropriate introduction to science. Includes supplementary material for parents and/or teachers, author/illustrator bios, and a glossary.

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