Where Love Dwells

Where Love Dwells
Published by:
August 15th 1990 by St. Martin's Press (first published August 1990)
Number of pages:
457 pages

In an age when duty was sovereign, the highlands of Wales resounded with the clash of arms as a Welsh lord and English knight met in a bloody conflict. And amid the rage of battle, two fiery spirits surrendered their enemy hears to an unquenchable passion... Lady Elen of Teifi-Last in a proud line of Celtic warrior lords, she would seduce her dashing English captor into a last, deadly betrayal - until her impassioned heart would betray her secret yearning... Sir Richard of Kent-King Edward's liege knight of storied bravery and wisdom, he would vanquish a dreaded foe by luring him with the defiant lady captive - but lose himself in her scorching, scheming, sapphire eyes... Knight and Lady - adversaries in a conflict they did not create - parried in a perilous duel of treachery and trust. For she held the secret to his campaign's success - and he the promise of peace. Together they forged an invincible love that would burn eternal and endure all treasons.

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